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Things to Do in Almeria


Tabernas Desert (Desierto de Tabernas)
3 Tours and Activities

With its arid ravines and purpose-built film villages, the Tabernas Desert (Desierto de Tabernas) is one of Almeria’s more offbeat natural attractions that’s ideal for families. Famed for being the backdrop to several Hollywood-produced spaghetti westerns, here you can visit one of the several Western theme parks or tackle one of the many hiking trails.

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Oasys MiniHollywood
1 Tour and Activity

Just because you’re in Spain doesn’t mean that your experience need be limited to all things Spanish: Oasys MiniHollywood transports its visitors straight to the good old Wild West. Originally just a movie set – used for films such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly — the cowboy-style town is now a theme park, complete with daily mock shoot-outs, a can-can performance at the saloon, and much more.

Indeed, the park goes beyond just the Wild West fun, and also offers a proper zoo, which boasts more than 800 animals of 200 different species that range from lions to giraffes, tigers and iguanas. A trip to the zoo can also include a very kid-friendly parrot show as well. Meanwhile, if the Spanish temperatures at Oasys get too warm, take advantage of the park’s water zone and its two pools. Finally, if you get hungry, plan to fuel-up at the park’s well-priced buffet.

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