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Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
1 Tour and Activity

Located between Cape Cod and Cape Ann, the 842-square-mile Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary is Boston’s premier whale watching spot, as summertime brings hungry migratory humpback whales to the area.

Stellwagen Bank is an underwater plateau rich in nutrients, which feed the local ecosystem. The plateau was created by glacially deposited sand and gravel from the Laurentide Ice Sheet. There are well over 100 species of animals that call the Stellwagen area home, whether it’s migratory or full-time. Fish like Atlantic cod, blue fin tuna and striped bass are found in the region. Reptiles, primarily the leatherback sea turtle, and scores of marine birds are also found in Stellwagen. Perhaps the most feared resident in the region is the shark. The great white shark, along with a number of other shark varieties, has been documented in Stellwagen Bank.

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