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Mille Miglia Museum (Museo Mille Miglia)
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The Mille Miglia is one of the world’s most famous car races, featuring vintage cars traveling about 1,000 miles (the name means “1000 Miles”). Outside Brescia, the Mille Miglia Museum celebrates the race and vintage automobiles.

The museum is housed inside a former monastery, the Monastery of Saint Eufemia, which dates from the 11th century. The museum opened in 2004, and features an array of historic cars and memorabilia along with items that showcase the history of Italy during the same era - from film to fashion.

Visitors can watch film footage of historic Mille Miglia races and look at a huge collection of historic photographs from the race, which began in 1927. The pathways through the museum cover various periods of the race’s history, from its early years to the Mille Miglia as it is today.

The collection of cars on display changes from time to time, especially around the Mille Miglia race itself each year.

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