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Nampodong Street (Theater District)
Nampodong Street (Theater District)

Nampodong Street (Theater District)

NampodongStreet, a neighborhood in Busan running from Jagalchi Station and BIFF Square to Nampo-don Station, serves as the city’s theater district. The whole area is dotted with theaters, some showing blockbusters and others specializing in art house cinema and other exotic film genres. During October, the district hosts the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), when directors, producers and celebrities fill the streets to attend screenings and other cinematic events.

Besides film, NampodongStreet is also a famous Busan shopping district with retailers catering to university students and 20-somethings. Trendy independent boutiques are the norm, with only a few national and international chains thrown in.

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Nampodong, Busan, South Korea

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