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Actún Can Caves
Actún Can Caves

Actún Can Caves Tours and Activities

The limestone bedrock beneath the Petén has been carved by water into beautiful caverns, several of which can be visited. The most impressive and convenient in the Petén are just minutes from Flores.

The Aktún Can Caves, also called La Cueva de la Serpiente (“Cave of the Serpent,” in Mayan and Spanish, respectively) may have once been home to a giant snake, or were perhaps a shrine to a Mayan snake deity. A sign at the entrance assures visitors that there are currently no snakes on the premises.

Instead, visitors will find an underground waterfall, as well as stalactites, stalagmites, and other unusual rock formations with names that are an excellent clue as to what they supposedly resemble: “The Thinker;” “Elephant Foot;” “The Stone Rose;” “God of the Rain;” “Virgen de la Grotto;” and many more. It’s a dark, cool, relaxed way to pass a couple of hours.

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Actún Kan Caves, Flores

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