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Tamar Island Wetlands
Tamar Island Wetlands

Tamar Island Wetlands Tours and Activities

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Made of almost 150 acres of mud flats, lagoons and islands, the Tamar Island Wetlands Reserve is home to a wide range of plants and a diverse population of animals including birds, frogs, fish, invertebrates and threatened species.

The area was cleared in the early 1800s to be used as farmland. When farming stopped in the 1950s, the Estuary began the process of reclaiming its wetlands and the plants and wildlife came home. All plants and animals in the Reserve are protected.

Along with the help of volunteers, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service operates the Interpretation Centre to teach visitors about the wetlands. Located near the main gate, it’s a great place to get your bearings before you begin exploring. Volunteers can provide information about the animals you’ll see, conservation and Tamar Wetlands history. They can also answer questions and make suggestions on what to do first.

Less than a half-mile walk from the Interpretation Centre there’s a bird hide, or camouflaged shelter with seating, where visitors can watch birds on the lagoon. In all, there’s about two miles of handicap accessible boardwalk visitors can stroll on for views of the wetlands and the wildlife that call it home.

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West Tamar Highway, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Tours and Activities to Experience Tamar Island Wetlands

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