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Villa Gregoriana Park (Parco Villa Gregoriana)
Villa Gregoriana Park (Parco Villa Gregoriana)

Villa Gregoriana Park (Parco Villa Gregoriana)

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While visitors flock to Tivoli for its many pretty attractions and parks, the historic Villa Gregoriana has yet to catch on—a good thing for a park known for its wild and beautiful landscape. Situated at the edge of a wooded gorge at a bend in the Aniene River, the park's rugged terrain makes for excellent hikes through the dramatic woods that run from one side of the ravine to the other. The ancient Roman necropolis at Tivoli sits right behind the park, while a Roman villa and the Temple of Vesta sit within.

The park is named after Pope Gregory XVI, who commissioned the villa in 1835 to rebuild the bed of the river—resulting in the creation of the park's second waterfall, which can be seen from the trails, along with fascinating cliffs and river caves.

Experience nature in the Roman countryside without straying far from the city by visiting Tivoli on a day trip from Rome, less than an hour away.

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Via Citta Sant’Angelo 19, Tivoli, Lazio, 00019

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