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Things to Do in Penang - page 2


Escape Theme Park Penang
1 Tour and Activity

ESCAPE Adventureplay is one of Penang’s most unique destinations. This sky-high playground is as much for kids as it is for adults, making it the perfect place for families to escape the hustle of the city and embark on an adventure that’s designed for nothing but fun.

Travelers love the mile high ropes course known as the Monkey Tower that throws visitors into an all-out balancing act above the forest floor. Guests can navigate complex obstacles that increase in difficulty the higher they climb. Serious athletes can challenge other travelers to a race up the steep Gecko Tower, where a scramble to the apex is followed by a rush of adrenaline after abseiling back to the ground below.

But there’s still plenty to keep the kids entertained. The Zoom Bug scooter park keeps little ones (and the less adventurous) closer to the ground, as they skate across well-paved tracks that wind through tropical foliage.

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