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Things to Do in Phu Quoc


Coi Nguon Museum (Bao Tang Coi Nguon)

In addition to white-sand beaches and tropical jungle, the island of Phu Quoc—off the coast of Cambodia—is home to the Coi Nguon Museum (Bảo Tàng Cội Nguồn), a natural history museum that exhibits more than 5,000 artifacts. If you find yourself in one of Phu Quoc’s unpredictable downpours, the natural history museum provides a great place to explore until the skies have cleared.

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Da Ban Stream (Suoi Da Ban)

Da Ban Stream (Suối Đá Bàn) originates from the Ham Ninh mountain range on the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc. Also known as Da Ban Spring, it’s a popular spot for tourists and nature-lovers, who come to picnic, barbecue, hike, and relax. Although it’s hard to avoid the growing amount of garbage that is left in the area, the natural scenery steals the show, with the stream making its way through huge flat stone slabs against a lush green background. You might spot birds, fish, frogs, and lizards, along with wild fruit, orchids, mushrooms, and other flora that grow in the area. Plan a trek, take a stroll across the suspension bridge, and have a refreshing dip in the water for a full day of natural fun.

You can combine your visit to Da Ban Stream with a trip to a fish sauce factory, a pepper farm, and a sim wine factory to learn about the island's industries. Alternately, you can take a private six-hour tour of the island instead, including a barbecue lunch at the stream and round-trip transportation.

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