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Things to Do in Salerno


Archaeological Park of Paestum (Parco Archeologico di Paestum)
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From Rome’s Coliseum to the mighty city of Pompeii, Italy might be most famous for its Roman ruins, but the Archaeological Park of Paestum (Parco Archeologico di Paestum) dates back even earlier. The ancient Greek city of Poseidonia was founded in 600 B.C. and conquered by the Romans in 273 B.C., when it became Paestum, and the impressively preserved ruins offer a unique glimpse into Italy’s Greco-Roman roots.

The most memorable remains of Paestum are a trio of remarkably preserved Greek Temples – the Temple of Hera, the Temple of Neptune and the Temple of Athena – while additional highlights include part of a Roman Forum and amphitheater, and the Heroon tomb. There’s also an archaeological museum on-site displaying a sizable collection of sculptures, paintings and artifacts, most notably the famous fresco from the 'Tomb of the Diver'.

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Salerno Cathedral (Duomo di Salerno)
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Just south of the Amalfi Coast, the seaside town of Salerno is home to the magnificent 11th-century Cathedral of Saint Matthew—one of the most beautiful medieval churches in Italy, with an ornate baroque crypt containing the remains of the Apostle Matthew. It’s an easy day trip from Sorrento, Positano, or Amalfi.

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