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Things to Do in Sydney - page 5


Museums Discovery Centre

A collaboration between the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, the Australian Museum, and Sydney Living Museums, the Museums Discovery Centre is one of Sydney’s best-kept secrets. There are hundreds of displays to explore and plenty of opportunities to learn about museum collecting, conservation, and research practices.

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BridgeClimb Sydney

Among the city’s most recognizable landmarks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge links the North Shore with the central business district. For a serious adrenaline rush with fantastic views, don a harness and head out on a guided bridge climb.

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Capitol Theatre

Located in historic Haymarket, the Capitol Theater began its life in 1892 as the Belmore Markets, which closed in 1916, and later housed a circus and a cinema. It was scheduled to be demolished in the 1980s, but a Heritage Council conservation order saved the theatre transforming it into the world-class theatre that is today.

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